Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Task Force Working Groups


To develop incentives and funding mechanisms for incentives, e.g., loans, tax credits, grants, research, technical assistance, educational materials, outreach, etc. to support carbon and greenhouse gas sequestration in the State’s agricultural and natural environments and build healthy soils.

Members of Economics Working Group:

  • Tyler Jones
  • Philipp LaHaela Walter
  • Robert “Rocky” Mould
  • Ron Whitmore

Legal / Policy

To identify and recommend measures to the Legislature to increase climate resiliency and improve carbon sequestration, build healthy soils, and provide greenhouse gas benefits.

Members of the Legal / Policy Working Group:

  • Scott Glenn
  • Ashley Lukens
  • Josh Stanbro
  • Ben Sullivan

Public Outreach / Education

To agricultural, aquacultural and agroforestry and forestry communities to provide education and technical support and business communities to increase carbon sequestration efforts, promote greenhouse gas benefits, and improved climate resiliency.

Members of the Public Outreach / Education Working Group:

  • Diane Ley
  • Malia Nanbara
  • Joshua Silva


To measure baseline levels and increases in carbon sequestration, improvements in soil health, and other key indicators of greenhouse gas benefits for carbon neutrality.

Members of Science Working Group:

  • Jayme Barton
  • Professor Susan Crow
  • Dr. Jonathan Deenik
  • Michael Madsen