ORMP Action Team project on the Feasibility of Managed Retreat for Hawaii

*Recently Added* Symposium Presentations

As part of the project, the Office of Planning hosted a managed retreat symposium on January 11, 2018. The symposium included a variety of speakers and participants: mainland keynote speakers who have experience in buy-outs and the implementation of managed retreat for a bike path; Hawaii-based panelists who offered their expertise on legal, economic, social, insurance, and public access aspects of managed retreat; participants included county, state and federal agency representatives, University professors and researchers, lawyers, representatives from non-profits, real estate agents, legislators, and planners, among others. Click the links below to view the presentations from the symposium.

Project Background

The Ocean Resources Management Plan (ORMP) Action Team on Appropriate Coastal Development & Management of Coastal Hazards (ACT) seeks to address Management Priorities #1 and #2 of the State of Hawaii ORMP.

Goal C under Management Priority #1, Appropriate Coastal Development, reads, “Expand options to protect existing developments from further coastal erosion.” This goal was refined by the Action Team to read, “Expand cost-effective and time-efficient options to protect, accommodate, and retreat existing and future coastal development from coastal hazards (e.g., erosion and inundation).”

Sandbags along an eroding shoreline on West Maui

Sandbags along an eroding shoreline on West Maui (photo: Office of Planning)

In order to support this goal, the Action Team chose to address option 6 in their Action Plan, namely, “Expand efforts (e.g., under Act 83, SLH 2014) to assess the feasibility and implications of implementing managed retreat strategies (e.g., shoreline armoring restrictions, rebuilding restrictions, structure removal requirements, acquisition and buy-out programs, conservation easements, rolling easements, etc.) to gradually shift threatened development inland and away from vulnerable coastal areas.”

Project Overview

This project, exploring the feasibility of a managed retreat framework for the State of Hawaii, is summarized in the following one-pager:

Project summary of background, objectives, and deliverables

Click the image to view the project summary.

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