Hawaiʻi Ocean Resources Management Plan

2020 ORMP Cover

The Hawaiʻi Ocean Resources Management Plan (ORMP) is a statewide plan that seeks to resolve coastal problems and issues that are not adequately addressed by existing laws and rules. The plan is a requirement under Hawaii Revised Statutes §205A-62(1) and is a main component of the CZM Program. Unlike plans that are created and administered by a single entity, the ORMP is unique in its collaborative implementation through the CZM Network, which includes Federal, State, County, and community representation.

Since 1985, longstanding partners have jointly addressed the State’s shared ocean and coastal resource management priorities, as set forth by each plan update. With the help of the public input and agency expertise, the update process identifies management gaps and focus areas for the next plan
ning horizon.

The 2020 ORMP highlights three areas of need within the coastal zone: Development and Coastal Hazards, Land-Based Pollution, and Marine Ecosystems. Click for printable version.


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Track the progress of achieving goals and metrics set forth in the plan, and get information about projects and actions relating to plan implementation on the ORMP Dashboard.