Coastal Data Exchange

2014 Coastal Data Exchange
For the first time, coastal planners and data providers convened in a statewide forum to exchange knowledge, information, and best practices relating to decision making in the coastal zone. The 2014 Coastal Data Exchange brought together 130 people from more than 75 agencies and organizations.

The outcomes of the event included 1) a greater understanding of planning tools and practices, 2) discussion of data sharing capacity and platforms, 3) overview of law & policy aspects of using data in decision making, 4) improved access to needed data, and 5) a list of additional data needed to make coastal planning decisions.

To view presentations from the event, please click on the links in the agenda below.

Questions? Please contact the CZM Program office at 587-2846.

730 – 830


830 – 900 Keynote Address: Art Challacombe, City & County of Honolulu, Department of Planning & Permitting

900 – 1040

Planner Plenary

 Master Plans: Dean Watase, State Department of Transportation Harbors Division

 Conservation District Use Permits: Alex Roy, State DLNR Office of Conservation & Coastal Lands

 Shoreline Certification: Andy Bohlander, State DLNR Office of Conservation & Coastal Lands

 General Flood Control Plan: Darron Agawa, State DLNR Engineering Division

 Floodplain Management: Carter Romero, County of Hawaii Public Works Engineering Division

 Science Research & Data for Coastal Zone Protection: Jim Buika, County of Maui Planning Department 

 Erosion-Based Setbacks: Tara Owens, UH Sea Grant/ County of Maui Planning Department

 Community Plans: Art Challacombe, City & County of Honolulu, Department of Planning & Permitting

 General Plans: Leanora Kaiaokamalie, County of Kauai Planning Department

1040 – 1100


1100 – 1145

 GIS Panel on Data Sharing: Maui County GIS, Hawaii County GIS, City & County of Honolulu GIS, Kauai County GIS, Hawaii State GIS Program, Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council

1145 – 1230

 Law & Policy Panel on Data in Decision Making: Bryan Yee, Department of the Attorney General, and Douglas Codiga, UH Sea Grant

1230 – 115

Lunch (Garden Level)

115 – 230

Data Plenary

 Parcel Layers/ Tax Map Key: Royce Jones, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

 Historical Shoreline Change Data for Hawaii: Dr. Bradley Romine, UH Sea Grant and State DLNR

 USACE 2013 Topo/ Bathy LiDAR Survey of Hawaiian Islands: Jessica Podoski, US Army Corps of Engineers

 Mapping Sea Level Rise Inundation: Dr. Chip Fletcher, UH School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology

240 – 400

Concurrent Data Sessions

Data for Today’s Coasts: Permitting Data

Shoreline Certification Data

Land Information System

UH Coastal Geology Website

PacIOOS SLR/ Shoreline Change Tool

FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Capturing Threats:

Coastal Hazards Data

Tsunami Inundation

Kauai Online Hazard Assessment Tool

Global Hazards Atlas

Hawaii Flash Flood Tool

State Hazard Mitigation Plan Data

Protecting Assets:

Critical Facilities Data

Seawall Data Collection on Oahu

Mapping Seawalls on Maui

Building Footprints on Maui

Building Footprints on Oahu

Archeological Data

Data for Tomorrow:

Sea Level Rise (SLR) Modeling

Future Erosion Vulnerability

Localized SLR/ Inundation Extremes Scenarios


Coastal Storms SLR Risk & Vulnerability

USACE SLR/ Change Calculator

400 – 500

PAU HANA Speed Data-ing! Get to know your data providers (Garden Level)