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About the Community Stewardship Directory


The goal of this project is to refine and institutionalize an integrated planning approach for the Hawai‘i CZM Program to move the State towards the vision portrayed in the Ocean Resources Management Plan. The vision is natural and cultural resource management that is grounded by the place, the culture, and the community.

To move the State towards this goal, CZM developed an inventory of community stewardship groups in Hawai‘i and conducted a survey of these groups on their challenges, needs, best practices, successful projects, and institutional resources. The information gathered through the survey was used to develop principles that will guide the State toward place-, cultural-, and community-based approaches to natural and cultural resource management.

A workshop of representatives from participating groups was held in January 2008, to build capacity and develop implementation options associated with each principle. The resulting draft framework, consisting of the principles and accompanying implementation options, is included in the final Hawai‘i Community Stewardship Report (available below). Other deliverables included in the final report are a survey summary report and a workshop summary report.

The Hawai‘i Community Stewardship Directory is another result of the survey and workshop held in 2008. CZM recently updated the directory for 2018. The 2018 version of the Directory (available for download below) currently includes 104 community-based organizations. Community stewardship groups that would like to update their information or be added to future versions of the directory may contact the Office of Planning at (808) 587-2846.




2018 Hawai‘i Community Stewardship Directory

Hawai‘i Community Stewardship Report (2.5 MB)

Ahupua‘a, Watershed, and Ecosystem-Based Management