MACZAC Working Groups

Over the years, MACZAC has created various investigative Working Groups focusing on specific coastal zone management topics or concerns. MACZAC’s establishment of Working Groups is a process that helps address coastal and marine issues, and advises the Hawaiʻi CZM Program on possible State policy, administrative remedies, or other outcomes. The Working Groups and their descriptions are listed below.

Currently Active Investigative Working Groups:

  1. Focus Area I – Development & Coastal Hazards
  2. Focus Area II – Land-Based Pollution
  3. Focus Area III – Marine Ecosystems
Sunsetted Investigative Working Groups:

  1. Shoreline Certification Working Group
  2. Cultural Resources Management Working Group
  3. Ocean Resources Management Group
  4. Commercial Boating Regulations and Harbor Facilities Working Group
  5. Shoreline Access & Coastal Parking Working Group
  6. Marine Managed Areas Working Group
  7. Wastewater Working Group
  8. Regulatory Review Working Group
  9. Lua/Compost Toilets Working Group
  10. Hui Kuleana/Moku Management Working Group
  11. Coastal Carrying Capacity Working Group
  12. Ke Kahu O Na Kumu Wai Molokaʻi Working Group
  13. CZM Evaluation Working Group
  14. Advocacy Working Group
  15. Community Input Working Group
  16. ORMP Implementation Working Group
  17. Budget Working Group
  18. CZMA 40th Anniversary Working Group
  19. Education and Outreach Working Group
  20. Shoreline Access Working Group
  21. Website Working Group
  22. Ocean Resources Working Group
  23. Retreat Working Group
  24. Legislative Working Group
  25. Executive Working Group


Legislative Working Group

The mission of this group is to provide citizen group (MACZAC) support for legislation that is beneficial for the environment, Hawaiian culture and community, and oppose legislation that is not.

Website Working Group

This group was formed to oversee efforts to enhance the MACZAC webpage, including to conform to current DBEDT website standards. The redesigned webpage also envisions links relevant to the implementation and update of the Hawaiʻi State Ocean Resources Management Plan (ORMP). Given that MACZAC would like to reach out to a broader audience, the group further intends that their redesigned webpage will be more informative and educational to the general public.

Shoreline Certification Working Group

The group was established in October 2002, after public concerns were raised on Maui and Hawaiʻi regarding shoreline certification, shoreline definition, determining shoreline, lateral access, beach armoring, lack of State surveyors, enforcement, shoreline research, legislation, and regulations. The group held statewide video conference forums with citizens and did a panel discussion at the Hawaiʻi Conference of Planning Officials on Maui in 2003. Shoreline legislation and recommendations were sent to MACZAC for approval in January 2004. The legislative bill cleared both houses then died in 2004. The group decided to work on administrative changes instead of legislation. DLNR Director Peter Young gave a presentation at the February 2005 MACZAC meeting. DLNR was in the process of hiring a surveyor which was a recommendation supported by the Working Group. The 2005 Legislature passed a resolution for DLNR to form a shoreline Working Group. The resolution mentions MACZAC as a member of the proposed Working Group.

MACZAC Shoreline recommendations

Cultural Resources Management Working Group

In April 2004, a native Hawaiian from Hawaiʻi County expressed concerns over proposed access and park development on State lands that contain the burial grounds of his ancestors. The Working Group spent a year reviewing the issue and then proposed a legislative resolution regarding the management of cultural resources on State lands.

Cultural Properties Inventory Resolution

Ocean Resources Management Group

In January 2005, a Governor’s Executive Order created the Hawaiʻi Ocean and Coastal Council (HOCC). MACZAC was named as a member of HOCC. HOCC was tasked to provide input on the ORMP. In May 2005, MACZAC formed its Ocean Resource Management Working Group to identify ocean issues and formulate recommendations for HOCC. MACZAC developed nine white papers summarizing the problems and offering recommendations. Visit the ORMP webpage for more information on the ORMP, and MACZAC’s involvement in the ORMP update process and in HOCC.  MACZAC’s nine white papers are available at MACZAC-White Pages.

Commercial Boating Regulations and Harbor Facilities Working Group

MACZAC established the Working Group in January 2004. MACZAC accepted the Working Group study financed by the boating industry titled, “The Hawaii Boat Industry 2003 – A Survey and Economic Description.” MACZAC wrote to the Governor in May 2004, regarding the boating survey recommendations. The group worked on harbor improvements and sewage vessel pump out issues with DLNR.

The Hawaii Boat Industry 2003 – A Survey and Economic Description

Shoreline Access & Coastal Parking Working Group

This group was established by MACZAC in June 2002, after public comments on City and County of Honolulu’s proposed bicycle path and the removal of parking spaces adjacent to a popular surf spot on Oʻahu. The Working Group mapped parking access on Oʻahu and distributed the resource information to State and County agencies involved in coastal development decisions in the spring of 2004. The Working Group met on Maui to produce similar mapping. The Maui County Planning Department stated interest in producing the mapping on Maui. Throughout 2007 and into 2008, the Working Group continued to advocate against DLNR’s proposal to remove free parking spaces at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor in Honolulu.