Oahu Traffic Animations

These animation videos show temporal roadway speeds and traffic movement over the Island of Oahu over a 24 hour period produced using the National Performance Measurement Research Dataset (NPMRDS) probe data collected by what are known as Traffic Message Channels (TMCs) that are spread over all the Hawaiian Islands.  The tools used to generate these animations were open source GIS tools and Windows Movie Maker. The speeds are averaged over five minute intervals.  The two animations show traffic activity for March 30, 2015 (day before the zipper lane broke down on H-1 ) and March 31 (the day of the zipper lane incident).   Developed by Hawaii State Department of Transportation Highways Division Planning Branch, 587-6335.

Travel Speed Animation for March 30, 2015 (51 MB, wmv)

Travel Speed Animation for March 31, 2015 (51 MB, wmv)