HCPO 2020 Session Presentation Slides Now Available!

This site is intended for use by HCPO 2020 attendees to view the presentation slides from our virtual lunch series. We hope that you’ll find the presentations helpful to find specific references or topical refreshers from the Conference Sessions.

Due to technical difficulties during the conference, we’ve made the session recording for State Agricultural District available, posted below.

Please note: Presentations not listed have not been received from the presenter and will be posted if received.

SessionPresentation Slides
Session 1- The Pandemic's Impact on Planning: Foresight into the FutureSpeaker(s): Petra Hurtado and Jo Peña
Session 2- After COVID-19: Planning for Hawaiʻi's Economic ResilienceSpeaker: Eugene Tian
Speaker: Alexandra Slous
Speaker: Keoni Lee
Speaker: Micah Kāne
Session 3- Planning for Hawaiʻi's Climate Change AdaptationSpeaker: Bethany Morrison
Speaker: Makaleʻa Dudoit
Speaker: Matthew Gonser
Speaker: Danielle Bass
Session 4- State Agricultural District: Where We Started, Where We Are Now, Where Do We Want to Be in 2030?Speaker: Mary Alice Evans
Speaker: Ryan Perroy
Speaker: Richard Ha
Speaker: Kathy Sokugawa
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Session 5- Investing in Community through Equitable DevelopmentSpeaker: Jackie Boland
Speaker: Christopher Coes
Speaker: Michael Epp
Speaker: Jackie Boland
Session 6- American Planning Association, Hawaiʻi Chapter AwardsSpeaker: Tessa Munekiyo Ng
Session 7- Recent Developments in Planning and Land Use LawSpeaker: Jesse Souki
Speaker: Cal Chipchase
Session 8- Opportunities for GIS in the COVID CrisisSpeaker: Luke Meyers
Session 9- Community Engagement and Outreach Using GISSpeaker: Todd Kingman
Speaker: Jenna Masters
Speaker: Breanna Rose
Session 10- Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Planning Beyond the ChecklistSpeaker: Dominique Cordy
Session 11- County Planning Directors' PanelSpeaker: Michael Yee
Speaker: Michele McLean