Five-Year Boundary Review

The Office of Planning (OP) is conducting the five-year boundary review required by Hawaii Revised Statutes § 205‑18 which calls for the periodic “review of the classification and districting of all lands in the state.”  In the initial phase underway, OP will use Geographic Information System (GIS) maps and data files to examine the status of land use, particularly in the urban and agricultural districts, relative to urban growth areas identified by county general and community/development plans.  The use and availability of agriculturally productive lands will also be assessed.

Presentation on the Five-Year Boundary Review
Below is a slide presentation which provides information about the review process.

Five-Year Boundary Review Presentation

Contact Information
If you have any questions about the five-year boundary review, please contact Rodney Funakoshi at [email protected] or by phone at (808) 587-2885.