CNPCP Water Quality References Directory

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The Directory is an EndNote Plus bibliographic reference data base which provides reference listings of water quality data found in studies, technical reports, published papers, and the like for the main Hawaiian Islands for the period 1980 to 2000.1 Included in Water Quality References Directory (CZMWQDIR) are any documents covering fresh water, brackish, or hyperhaline environments (including fishponds and anchialine features), and coastal waters (including embayments and harbors) within the Hawaiian Islands. In gathering together references for inclusion, the editors have placed particular emphasis on technical reports (essentially unpublished reports) by corporations, consultants, students, organizations, and government agencies for the reason that these types of studies and surveys are most difficult to track through standard bibliographic data bases. In addition, far greater numbers of field surveys and site specific observations are available from this “gray” literature than the published literature.

Note that this is a bibliographic reference data base. The data base does not contain any water quality data, only a list of references, which contain water quality data. However, in order to be included in this data base, each reference was physically reviewed to obtain specific information on sampling locations and types of water quality measurements that accompany each entry. Inclusion of this information on each reference allows the data base to be searched to yield a list of documents that contain (for example) certain types of water quality measurements made at specified locations.

For more information, see the “Introduction” online using the link or contact the project manager, Rebecka Arbin, at the Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program (HCZMP). The printed version of the data base is available at local libraries and from HCZMP as a word file, and as a series of Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files available through the link.