Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program

In 1990, congress enacted the Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments (CZARA) by adding a new Section 6217 “Protecting Coastal Waters,” which was codified as 16 U.S.C. -1455b. Section 6217 provides that each State with an approved coastal zone management program must develop and submit to EPA and NOAA for approval a Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program (CNPCP). The purpose of the program “shall be to develop and implement management measures for nonpoint source pollution to restore and protect coastal waters, working in close conjunction with other State and local authorities.”

The Hawaii CNPCP follows a Watershed Approach, and activities are coordinated through Hawaii’s Nonpoint Source Management Plan (2015-2020) and considerations for Stormwater Management.

  1996   Hawaii’s CNPCP 
  2009   Updated Management Measures for Hawaii’s CNPCP
  2010   Updated Management Measures for Hawaii’s CNPCP and Responsible Agencies and Authorities   (A Supplemental for Hawaii  Management Measures)

A number of guidance and clarification documents have been developed by EPA/NOAA to assist states with the development of their CNPCPs.


Polluted Runoff from the shoreline of Aina Haina (East Honolulu)


Need water quality data on the Hawaiian Islands? Check the CNPCP Water Quality References Directory!

The CZM Water Quality References Directory is an EndNote Plus bibliographic reference database covering the main Hawaiian Islands for the period 1998-2000. The database includes:

  • Studies, technical reports (including field surveys and site-specific observations), published papers
  • Fresh water, brackish, or hyperhaline environments (including fishponds and anchialine features), coastal waters

The database is searchable by date, author, title, company or institution, client, and library as well as location, type of technical report (EIS or permit, for example), and by keywords (such as sulphate or turbidity).