Hawaii’s Implementation Plan for Polluted Runoff Control

In order to address the requirements of both the Clean Water Act section 319 and the Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments section 6217, Hawaii established a single, integrated implementation plan in the year 2000. The Plan describes a combination of voluntary and regulatory activities and programs implemented by local, state and federal agencies intended to control polluted runoff and includes a 15-year program strategy and five-year implementation plan. Due to staff limitations, the Implementation Plan has not been updated according to the planned schedule. However, an update is currently underway, with Hawaii’s Department of Health, which administers the state’s Polluted Runoff Control (PRC) Program, coordinating the update with input from the Office of Planning. This update is projected to be complete in September 2014.

Implementation Plan 2000  Download the Implementation Plan (2000) and the Appendices here.

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