State TOD Planning Grants

Since 2016, OPSD has received CIP appropriations from the State Legislature for State TOD CIP planning grants to State and County agencies.  The TOD planning grants are used for plans, feasibility and cost studies, and coordination of TOD projects, TOD public infrastructure requirements, and related environmental review documents for TOD projects in the State TOD Strategic Plan.  The awards are intended to:

  • Facilitate project alignment with shared TOD goals and objectives;
  • Foster State-County consultation, coordination, and collaboration on TOD projects; and
  • Catalyze TOD projects that require interagency collaboration, facility co-location, or require new approaches to creating vibrant, transit-centered TOD communities with affordable housing, job and business opportunities, multi-modal transportation choices, and access to goods and services within walking and wheeling distance to transit hubs.

State and County CIP Planning Grant Recipients (February 2024)