Watershed Approach to Nonpoint Source Pollution Management

Hawaii’s CNPCP has moved toward promoting the broader concept of watershed planning with the targeted application of management measures to combat nonpoint source pollution. The watershed approach looks not only at the condition of a water body but also at the entire watershed that drains into it to identify potential sources of pollutants.

Each year the DOH Polluted Runoff Control (PRC) Program uses Clean Water Act section 319(h) funding to provide grants for worthwhile polluted runoff projects in Hawaii. Generally the projects must address activities related to polluted runoff control as outlined in the Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Management Plan (June 1996) and Hawaii’s Nonpoint Source Management Plan (2015-2020).

Department of Health-Clean Water Branch’s 319 Grants page

Efforts to encourage watershed-based planning:

  1998   Unified Watershed Assessment
  2009   Watershed Summit, Watershed Prioritization Process, and Implementation Schedule
  2010   Hawaii Watershed Guidance   (Streamlined version of National Handbook from 2008)

Hawaii Watershed Guidance